Teacher to Child Ratio  is 1 to 4

Our youngest ones are learning about their world and themselves by leaps and bounds.  We understand that learning happens best when an infant knows they are loved and that all their needs are provided by consistent caregivers. Each child’s rhythms are honored as we provide a safe, gentle space where they can explore new materials and experiences such as music, tummy time, story, and outdoor play.


Teacher to Child Ratio  is 1 to 4

Toddlers are becoming more independent; they often want to do things “all by myself”.  Movement and learning are closely connected at this stage.  They are gaining expressive language.  They wish to play with friends and engage in parallel play (I have a toy – you have a toy and we play with our toys next to each other).  Developmentally toddlers learn in an environment where they know they are safe and that they trust.  Our first focus is to bond with your child and make certain they feel secure.  Our Toddler program provides an exploratory, language-rich environment for your child to thrive


Early Preschool Teacher to Child Ratio  is 1 to 7

Preschool Teacher to Child Ratio  is 1 to 10

Preschoolers are gaining physical strength and stability.  They are developing a sense of humor and are asking many questions as they try to figure out the world around them.  They are transitioning from parallel play to cooperative play (assigning roles to each other – I am the mom, and you are the dad), and friendships begin to matter.  The younger class focuses on potty training and independence while delighting in a classroom rich in activities, stories, play, and social coaching.  The older class is busy building upon their language arts, math, science, creative arts, and social skill concepts in a hands-on environment.


Teacher to Child Ratio  is 1 to 10

Ready-Set-Go!  The PCCP PreK program is designed to prepare your child for a successful transition into kindergarten academically, physically, socially and emotionally.  The teachers plan a meaningful, fun-filled curriculum that provides abundant time and modalities to practice language arts, math concepts and life skills.  Since imaginative play is an all-time favorite at this age, time and props are provided for children to expand their imagination, vocabulary and team-working skills as they build upon story-lines and roles during dramatic play.